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Tired of chasing your healing?

Have you been doing "the work" but somehow feel stuck in the same cycles? Or maybe just need help connecting the dots


Have you given it your absolute all and still feel like there's something you're missing? Read all the books and signed up for all the courses but maybe you just need to know what the next step is and how to achieve it? I help my clients find clarity and confidence in their purpose.


As a spiritual life coach, I help you find the key to the door that has been holding you back all this time. With blueprint reading and a mixture of tools, I help my clients align with their true purpose. I help you move forward and build the path towards the brighter side where your ideal-life full of happiness, inner peace, and mental clarity await you.

Spiritual Awakening

what is ascension awakening process

Conscious Parenting

how to be a better parent



Inner Child Work

Inner child healing get help


This program is an investment in yourself. An investment into your future life, where the ‘ideal you’ that you have always dreamt of being is one door away from finally becoming a reality. We exist because we understand that not everyone truly understands. We exist because the things people like you have went through, are the things no-one has ever taught you how to overcome.


We don’t just help you deal with it. We help you flow past it - like water, with expert-level spiritual coaching that you can’t get anywhere at this level and anywhere else in 2020 Coaching that is going to take you to the pinnacle you have always dreamt of reaching and coaching that is going to spark the greatest change in your life. Join our coaching program and experience the most rewarding feeling of finally reaching the ultimate state of happiness.


You deserve it!

What clients are saying about their experience

" I would recommend Liz to anyone looking for a mix of counseling and spirituality. She was very comfortable to talk to and authentic. She made my first experience with a life coach a very positive one and I’m grateful. "

- Audrey A.

- Chelsea V.

" Liz Silva is amazing and she does wonders. I thought I can do things myself, but deep down we all want to be nurtured and guided. Therapy for others and for ourselves is completely different and allowing yourself to be on the receiving side Is crucial. "

- Jasmina G.

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