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What it's like to work with me

I’ve since been able to open up to a new relationship, soooo much more positive, well all positive! I wanted to thank you for cracking open some of those heavy balls we keep inside and we think we have to carry around, thinking they will serve us at some point… so thank you for seeing all that and releasing some of the weight!

- Virginie Drouot, Owner of Ecomind-Set

   I appreciate her approach and desire to help me. From day one Liz was able to identify my blocks and areas where I needed healing. She took her time to work with me in a way I would “get it” to identify my trauma that has been a hindrance in my own growth and provided steps towards healing. What I value the most is her follow up to ensure I remain on track. I admit I still have a lot of work to do but can confidently say I am healing daily.

Liz is gifted and her services are amazing! I’ve had the opportunity to be coached and work with her multiple times. I look forward to the messages I receive from her. I am grateful for the way she is able to relay what she sees and hears in real time in a way that is easily processed and understandable. I especially love that Liz encourages and guides me to apply the information hands on so that personal growth takes place each session.

- Maxine Raymond, Project Manager

Christina C, Vitality Strategist & Holistic Health Educator and Coach