White Simple Empowerment Keynote Present

Join us on a 5-week journey into the heart of your relationship patterns!​

Have you been holding your breath around people; trying to live with the past you have endured rather than freeing yourself from the chains?


Do you experience the feeling of being all on your own in this journey? As if every relationship you take part in - is a relationship the other person just can’t seem to understand you in?


A lack of trust and a lack of safety from a previous relationship you are trying to recover and move on from?

Do you want a future full of healthy relationships, with people that understand you and people that are willing to respect your boundaries but just aren't sure how to get it? 

Engaging in healthy, beautiful , deep and meaningful relationships, with friends, partners or family members - is something so vital to human growth yet never taught to us in school and unfortunately are skills many parents don't know how to teach children.



Start experiencing beautiful communication with people on the same wavelength as you. If you are ready to forever free yourself from the past.. … spread your wings and move on like a butterfly - one step closer to the best version of you. I would like to introduce you to… The Relationship Refresh Course - YOUR 5 WEEK JOURNEY TO BEAUTIFUL AND FULFILLING HUMAN INTERACTIONS


Often our attraction and how we cultivate relationships comes from our childhood programming - something not so simple to change and unravel. And when it all goes the wrong way, untangling yourself may be a challenge. 

Not with me and certainly not with my course! I nurture you on the principles they won’t teach anywhere else!

In this magical 5 week transformation, I will:


Help you gently start freeing yourself from old patterns and hurts

that are preventing a depth of connection and engagement.

Teach you how to clearly communicate to others what you need and want.

Provide you with the greatest understanding of your authentic expression.


Not only will you start freeing yourself from the weight that has been attached to you and not only will I be helping you effectively heal from your past but what you will learn in this course will help you transform your mind completely to a new horizon. A strong and fulfilling human relationship is one of the most special feelings you can ever experience as a human. And just because you had to go through an abusive one, does not mean you will not be victorious in your journey to recovery and experience that special feeling. BECAUSE YOU WILL!

The traumas from our past carry themselves into every relationship,

repeating patterns over and over until we break the cycle.


In 5 weeks, you can achieve change that would normally take months, if not years, to accomplish. Change that is going to help you blossom onto the best version of yourself. And change that is going to take you one step closer to the brighter side. (Once you get here, you will understand what all the fuss is about!)


After your 5 week learning experience, you will learn:

✓ How to develop a healthy sense of self

✓ How to start your journey of inner child work

✓ How to set healthy boundaries in a relationship

✓ How to become aware of your subconscious emotional drives, triggers and make necessary changes

✓ How to commit to healthy, mature, conscious, open and authentic communication


In this program you will get access to:

✓ Weekly group coaching calls (usually valued $499)

✓ Weekly online training videos (usually valued $399 )

✓ Custom EFT and Meditation exercises (usually valued $199)

✓ Downloadable workbooks (usually valued $100)

✓ Access to our group coaching forum with others who are on a similar journey 



Normally, this coaching program would cost $1,197 But as I am sure you aware, this is not a normal time so many of my courses are being done virtually and many of my clients have asked for a course they can share with their friends. 


Get your limited spot at this price and learn what they will never teach you in schools about relationships in just 5 weeks! It’s a beautiful journey that your future self will thank you for taking part in.