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Spiritual Awakening and Anxiety

I've been seeing a lot of post from people coming into this new energy and thought I could share my experience in hopes of helping. Are you "awakening" or "ascending" and experiencing massive anxiety and panic attacks? Maybe you've been to doctors and healers but the anxiety still exist? Keeping you from experiencing life and connections with family, probably because you cant explain what's actually going on with you.

In the beginning of my spiritual awakening when my gifts came in, I went through the same thing only to be recommended Xanex, which is when I realized it was time to take things into my own hands. Through trying every method for 4-5 years of pure madness this is what I've found has kept me anxiety free for the last few years.

The simplest thing I learned and I wish I knew earlier is this. We all have energetic grids. Part of the grid is made up of belief systems from you, your experiences, and your families experiences these are interwoven to create what we call "our identity". As we start doing healing work we being to dismantle what we believe we once knew so that we can come back to the true version of ourselves. Sometimes the mind doesn't know what exist beyond these belief systems and this is when you hear of "the ego" trying to tell you "DANGER, DANGER something is wrong". Because status quo is sooooo much easier for the mind to understand.

The best thing I've found Finding stillness in it, grounding and asking who ever you pray to/align with for clearing away what is keeping you stuck. so what do I mean by stillness? When I started feeling anxiety coming up I would tell myself "I know what this is, let me guess im sick, Im crazy, the worlds going to end. Thank you for giving me the heads up, I've heard this before" And just sitting there with those feelings.

Grounding. Conventional grounding methods didn't work for me. It didn't matter how many times I ran in grass barefooted, "imagined roots going into the ground" or ate "grounding" foods it just didn't work. The only method I learned that worked was to literally pull all my energy in, into the center of heart knowing that regardless of whatever story my mind could think up that inner self was the only true thing.

Calling on help from a higher power- Now whether you believe in something outside of yourself or you believe that you are the creator asking for help has been shown to assist on a psychological level. But on an energy level, asking for the energetic support, information and ease of processing this anxiety helps immensely. Why not ask for help?

Which brings me to my last part, Spiritual awakening and ascension often includes time where you become a hermit and heal in peace but in these times of madness don't forget to reach out for support. Whether its friends, a life coach, spiritual mentor or online group you don't have to do it alone. A lot of us have been there and/or are still in it. If these tools helped or if you would like more information send me an email or schedule a call and we can see where you might be stuck <3

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor or therapist and always recommend people see a professional first. Also I know there are tons of other tools and explanation's for spiritual anxiety so do your research and see which ones work best for you.

Love and light,

Liz <3

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