• Liz Silva

Spirituality Does Not Mean Perfection

the path of "enlightenment" often leads us to believe that we must obtain some spiritual perfection or something close to it. The reality is that perfection is impossible and the while we are often drawn to perfect things, the act of trying to reach perfection could shift us away from what we truly seek.

After years of dedicated spiritual practice I found myself ready to take a course from Sadhguru (Inner engineering) and all these fears, frustration and anger kept coming up. Now naturally I assumed it was my aversion to the course. I tried not taking the course, I tried journaling, I even tried taking the course to face my fears and see if that would help. 1.5 hours later I sat with my daughter and had the patience and temperament of someone who I couldn't recognize. I thought maybe it was my chakras, maybe they became unaligned and proceeded to research for 30 minute's until it hit me. THIS IS A NORMAL PROCESS!!! People deal with anger. Let alone mothers who are trying to do it all and thats ok!

Part of the spiritual path is respecting the human aspects of yourself as well. Honoring your feelings and honoring when you just may need a break. One thing to be mindful of is using your spirituality as a crutch. Diving into your spirituality during stressful times leaves room

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