• Liz Silva

The Power Of Discernment

The power of discernment is one of the best and first gifts we are all given. Whether you practice spirituality or not its there. It allows you to have power over fear.

Discernment has a way of telling you what is and isn't right for you. While discernment may come from experience the basis of discernment is trust. Trust in oneself . Trust in ones choices, decisions and feelings ("Niggles")

Discerning whats right for you Discerning whats right for you should be taken as a gauge of growth. Have you learned from previous lessons? Have you learned but still haven't anchored fully? or have you learned and are still choosing to make the "wrong" choices? Once again this is up to you. Spirituality and "Spirit" guides can help to lead you down a path but the power of discernment helps you make the choice.

Discerning fear from intuition Often times we don't know if our feelings are coming from fear or intuition. Fear screams and intuition whispers. Fear says run or you'll get hurt vs intuition says this isn't meant for you, you deserve better. Fear might say don't buy this house, or property because you might lose your job vs intuition that whispers I want to purchase this, but my money is better suited elsewhere.

This dance is never an easy one. It takes guts, compassion and self trust.... LOTS of self trust.

Take the moment to ask yourself the following questions: Where have you been letting your lack of discernment get the best of you? What situations are you staying in that you know are no longer suited for you? Are you taking care of yourself in a way that you know is fitting or have you ignored your discernment at the sake of your health (mental and/or physical)

Discernment isn't always black and white. and its not to say that with "the power of discernment nothing will go wrong" but with it you can make choices easier. Allow things to flow free-er.

Are you seeing things for how they really are or how you want them to be?

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