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Difference Between Frequency and Vibration

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

One of the first things you hear when you start going through the awakening process is "raise your vibration!". You then get bombarded with information about Essentials oils, healing crystals, and palo santo.

"Step away from the sage! "

We are all made of energy. Every object in the Universe has a characteristic frequency.

What we have to understand here is that frequencies and vibrations are metaphors that are

used primarily to explain the inherent energetic field residing within the human body. In short, These

concepts are aimed at making it easier to visualize how we view our physical existence in the spiritual context.


Frequency is fixed for each one of us. It’s like a specific radio station that you can tune in to.

So, rather than talking about raising or lowering the frequency, we should talk in terms of

strengthening it.

Strengthening your frequency is clearing away the clutter, so you can receive and broadcast

a stronger and clearer signal from the radio station that your body and soul represents. It’s

attuning your body into a single, synchronized, and strong energetic aura. When all the

different organs of your body are attuned to the same frequency, the resulting resonance is

strong and comes out straight from your soul. It makes for a healthy mind, body, heart, and spirit.


The term vibration is generally attributed to the density of emotions within our bodies, though

effectively, every object in the Universe vibrates. Emotions like love and gratitude are lighter

emotions that do not offer resistance to your natural frequency. Rather they reinforce your

frequency, strengthening it. The denser emotions like anger and fear are like friction. You

end up expending spiritual energy to overcome them and as a result, your frequency is

"Dense" (weakened).


When I first went through my awakening process I remember being obsessed with the fact that I might be self sabotaging my manifestations somehow because I needed to #vibratehigher and #highvibesonly (because Instagram is the second place we get spiritual information from these days outside of youtube :D) The truth is, we're never 100% positive all the time. In fact, to strive for that would be completely disregarding the human experience (insert catchy phrase like "toxic positivity"). So when your sad be sad, in fact, be free and get super sad to make sure you let it all out (you'll save you self time in the long run) just don't get stuck there! Cry, put on some Adele, write your goodbye letters, and take your time healing. That will help you more with your manifestations.

Strengthening the Frequency

While I wish it were as easy as buying crystals, sage and breathing deeply truth is, it takes work. Uncovering the things you thought you were over but somehow hid themselves in your subconscious causing you to make less then ideal choices (i'll touch on this in another blog). But since that takes time here's a few easier ways:

  • Practice Authenticity: I can create a few posts and whole course on this one but to put it simply when you put on a mask (or persona) you may get partners to love you and prevent arguments with friends and family but its quickly followed with resentment because it doesn't make you feel good. Becoming aware of your morals, ethics, and values than making sure you live by those is the quickest way to get there (reach out to me for an exercise that can help you with that)

  • Create: Get out of your logic a bit and create! Our thoughts create the majority of mess we're in to begin with but also when we create it allows us to be inflow. We're able to change a negative situation into a beautiful piece of art, an amazing song or well thought out blog post.

  • Let's get physical: While our spirits are beautiful and vast they're expression is often limited by the vessel ( our body) Think of the body as the car you decided to drive for the entirety of your life. You need to make sure you fuel it with the right things (food, music, cleaning products), take it for maintenance, repair broken parts, minimize the wear and tear and not letting people who are going to ruin your car and leave their shit in it come in and mess it all up.

Getting help

And lastly, do not hesitate to seek help. The ascension process is tough and you don't have to do it alone. If you find yourself, distracted, confused or unsure of the direction your life is taking, reach out. Whether it's 1-on-1 coaching, remote energy healing or group coaching they all give you effective tools to help you achieve a fully integrated strong and healthy frequency that aligns with your unique personality.

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