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Emergency Session

This call is for emergency hours only.

  • 1 hour
  • 475 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

If you're having issues finding an availability please reach out to (347) 378-7497 or Liz@yourkindofhappy.com All information is guided so it’s dependent on what the person needs to hear at the time but this is typically the information I receive: • Your energy centers strengths and weaknesses (these change depending on what work the person is doing at the time.) • I also see any blocks and the trauma associated with that block along with the memory. I will recommend tangible tools to start working on this. • The persons natural gifts, where and how you can improve this. • I also act as a channel between guides Incase there are any specific questions you may have about your journey. • Inner child Integration (Our inner child often holds the key to aligning us to our purpose) Our spiritual journey is often filled with riddles and confusion, My goal is to help guide lightworkers fill in the missing pieces. All sessions are recorded and if any exercises are recommended I include this in your folder. My sessions last 1 hour but typically go longer depending on any questions you may have and where I am guided to work with you.

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